Our Mission

We close the existing gaps and bring impact investing to the masses.


A new standard and protocol in impact creation, evaluation and measurement uniquely crafted to the needs and reality of local change-makers across the globe.


Software solutions designed to efficiently plan, manage, execute, monitor and evaluate domain-agnostic impact projects from start to end.


An innovative platform and marketplace for investments and funding for positive impact claims generated and blended seamlessly through our advanced protocol and software.

Our solution

Creating blended and certified positive impact projects ready for investment.

The „silver standard” for impact projects

For projects


Unlocking new and untapped investor potential


A new protocol for evaluation and certification


The first application suite for impact makers

For investors


Access to positive impact investments


Transparency and credibility through standardization


Fractional ownership of impact assets

The innovation

Digital inclusion for impact makers - Trust and transparency for investors.

The value chain

Co-funding platform for impact projects.

Impact project lifecycle tools.

Monitoring and evaluation tools.

Refinance via verified impact claims.

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